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Is my internet fast enough?

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You can test your speed by using the speed test here or alternatively using Just remember, if anyone else is downloading anything or using services such as Netflix this will affect your test accuracy.

The below table is a simple guide to gauging your download speeds are generally how to interpret your download and upload speeds (as of 2020). These numbers might change over time as internet gets better and cheaper in Australia.

Download Speed Upload Speed  
Below 1mb/s Below 0.5mb/s Not suitable.
1-5 mb/s 0.5-2 Slow but usable.
5-20 mb/s 2-5 Ok.
20-90 mb/s 5-20 Good.
90+ mb/s 20+ Very good.

Keep in mind your internet speed might be higher than what you get on your speed test. If your Wi-Fi speed can’t keep up with your internet connection you may need a better Wi-Fi router.

You can see if this is the case easily by testing your speed when your connected to your router by a cable (or standing very close to it), and then test it when standing in a room further away. If you notice a big speed difference, It’s very likely your Wi-Fi is the issue and not your actual internet connection to your home.

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