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What is Windows 10 S Mode?

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Windows 10 “S Mode” is a special type of Mode Windows 10 can be installed as, that is designed to maximise security and performance by limiting access to certain Windows 10 capabilities. If you have a computer using Windows 10 S Mode, it will only be able to run apps from the Microsoft (app) Store, along with Microsoft Edge for safe browsing.

What are the benefits?

By limiting the type of Apps that can be run, it essentially makes Windows 10 immune to a range of security issues, and problems that might slow down performance. The trade off being you can’t run many of the applications available for Windows. For example you have to use Microsoft Edge’s browser, as S mode does not support installing Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as an alternative web browser. For those who do basic web browsing and only use apps that are from the Microsoft Store, it’s a great way to improve the security, stability and performance of a laptop. As normal executables cannot be run, this essentially blocks a huge amount of viruses, though also blocks a lot of potentially useful software too.

Can I turn S mode off?

If you have a device running Windows 10 in S mode, you do have the option to disable it, if you need to. This is a one way change, and once you turn it off, you won’t be able to reenable it. If you get a device with S mode, try using it with S mode enabled and if you do require apps not supported in S Mode, you can always turn it off.

How do I turn S mode on?

A qualifying device will come with S mode installed on it default, if your laptop did not come with it, it’s not available for that device.

More Info

More info on S mode can be found here.

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