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What version of Windows do I have?

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Chances are if your computer was purchased in the last 5 years it’s running Windows 10. You can confirm this by pressing the start button and typing “winver” and then pressing enter. If the below shows up, you know you’re running Windows 10. You can also see if you have home or pro by checking the text in the box (see where we’re underlined in red in the image below).

Popup if you search for WinVer and press enter on your PC.

If this doesn’t come up you may be running an older version of windows.
Checkout this helpful guide to identify which version you are using.

Is my version of Windows the right version?

Generally if you’re using Windows in a business environment you want the Pro version and we recommend Windows 10 for the latest and greatest features and compatibility. If you’re running windo1s 8.1, you’ll also still be supported. If you’re running an older version we strongly recommend you get a new computer or upgrade your current one to Windows 10.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows 10
    Released: 2015
  • Windows 8.1
    Released: 2013
    Extended Support Ends 2023

Unsupported operating systems

These will continue to run but Microsoft no longer provides security updates, and software developers no longer test software on these systems (with some exceptions), we strongly advise anyone still running these to upgrade to a supported operating system.

  • Windows 8
    Released 2012
  • Windows 7
    Released: 2009
  • Windows Vista
    Released 2006
  • Windows XP
    Released 2001
  • There are many more older versions, if you want a complete list check out the Wikipedia page.
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