Microsoft Surface with Ben Mason

Over the years, the way we work has drastically changed, and the opportunity tied to digital transformation in the modern workplace is only just being realised. 91% of organisations have adopted or have plans to adopt a digital-first business strategy, with 74% of companies planning to shift to more remote work permanently. Because of this, it is expected that 59% of digital business investment will be spent on new technologies. And with all these changes, customers’ expectations are at an all-time high, which is why 67% of IT decision-makers placed creating better customer service experiences within their top five objectives. An endpoint solution is needed to take all these to the next level. 

Qamba IT is an IT solutions company comprised of tenured industry experts with nearly two decades of experience providing professional, efficient, high-quality services. Ben Mason is one of the experts working with our valued clients, he is on a constant quest to provide better and more creative IT solutions. Ben continues to expand his knowledge through unceasing learning. His latest achievement is graduating from Microsoft’s Surface Modern Solutions Program (SMSP).

The Surface Modern Solutions Program (SMSP) is an exclusive training program offered by Microsoft. This program empowers high-performance partners, like Ben Mason and Qamba IT, to successfully go to the market with zero-touch deployment using Microsoft Surface and Windows Autopilot. 

Zero-touch Deployment – Empower Your Remote Workforce 

The traditional way of doing things is slow and ineffective, stifling productivity and offering a poor user experience. This is due to manually doing things using standardised hardware and one-size-fits-all software. On the other hand, modern IT and technology provides a new approach that meets the needs of your organisation and employees. Here, you can connect using multiple devices that are automated, proactive, cloud-managed, and zero-touch. 

With zero-touch deployment, Surface devices can be shipped to users, ready to use out of the box, reducing deployment time to zero. This means you get the speed and flexibility to accomplish more and create a more mobile workforce by providing technology that empowers and enables employees. 

Zero-touch deployment is achieved through Windows Autopilot, a set of technologies that enables companies to set up Windows 10 devices. Once preconfigured, a device can be shipped directly to the employee without IT involvement. By using the zero-touch deployment with Windows Autopilot, organisations can expect significant cost reductions of about $1.4M from device management, $860K from enhanced security, and $285K from device deployment. 

Get in touch with Ben Mason and Qamba IT, and we can help you maximise your ROI with Microsoft Surface. 

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