IT Support for Business

Every business has different requirements and places different value on their IT relationship. We have developed simple to understand service plans that work with you throughout your businesses technology evolution.

Technical issues can still arise despite careful planning, and it can be absolutely crippling when systems fail. Situations like this can make or break a business, which is why our team of highly-skilled and future-thinking IT experts are always ready to anticipate and respond to potential emergencies and provide the technological edge your business will need to thrive.

We deliver both outcomes-based Helpdesk and Onsite IT Support around Melbourne to businesses of all sizes. At Qamba, we’ve designed IT Service Plans with inclusions that we know can provide both short and long term value to maximise the ROI of your investment.


What problems do we solve for your business?

1. Responsiveness

Our typical call answer time is 9 seconds for the IT Helpdesk. As often as possible, it will be the person who will start the ticket and resolve the issue. We believe first call ticket resolution is best because it saves everyone time wasted calling back and finding a convenient time.

2. Solid Issue Resolution

Problems happen – that’s why you need IT support. Our team are not monitored for the number of tickets they have, how long they spend on them or anything else that leads to premature ticket closure or band-aid fixes. Customer satisfaction is number one.

3. Relationship

We want you to work with a single technician wherever possible. There is a certain amount of non-transferrable knowledge of your IT environment that leads to better outcomes. IT also ensures a great working relationship. We mitigate single point of failure by working as a tech team to define the IT framework for a customer, and heavily document bespoke aspects where applicable.

4. Commercials

Our price is lower than many competitors. We include a lot of things that you need to have to get the outcome that you want, so we don’t need to constantly up-sell customers throughout the life of our partnership. Our goal is to never charge any more than the agreed price from the beginning so we can focus on providing value.

5. Partnership

It is in our best interest to provide you with the best IT system possible, so we will always strive to ensure that your IT is an enabler and not just a necessary cost center. We are technologists first and are always looking at the latest and greatest that brings value to our customers.

6. No Compelling Events

One of the most common reasons that businesses leave their IT provider is a lack of confidence due to a compelling event. Data loss, extended downtime to a crucial business system, a hacked email account, or other similar instance. Our goal is simple – no P1s! No priority 1 tickets for our customers.

7. Guarantee

We back our team to deliver on our promise. We offer a 90-day money back guarantee for all Managed IT Services contracts. We also have strong processes around our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and financially back them with service credits for breaches.

8. Focused on your Business

Most small businesses have limited resources, and the time burden of researching a complex IT situation that you may have is time better spent elsewhere. Well supported IT has become a fantastic enabler for small businesses to run efficiently and get more done.

Qamba Secure

Improve your baseline Security and pay for support you need it

fixed per device price

Automatic Blocking Risky Websites / Downloads

Anti-Malware / Antivirus File Scanning

Ransomware & Exploit Protection

Security / Performance Monitoring

Automatic Updates of Common Applications

Software Inventory & Hardware Inventory

Remote Data Wipe Capability

Remote access (screen sharing) for the IT Helpdesk

Includes Everything in Qamba Secure

Unlimited Business Hours Remote Support

Microsoft 365 Email Hosting

Cloud Storage for Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint

Microsoft Teams collaboration platform

Backup for 365 Email and Documents

Web Versions of Microsoft 365 Office Software

Managed Service Level Agreement

Security Awareness Training

Backup Monitoring

Qamba Manage

Fixed Price IT services with Microsoft 365 Included

fixed per user price

Qamba Outcome

Simple monthly pricing, everything you need is included

fixed per device price

Includes Everything in Qamba Manage

Latest Versions of Desktop Microsoft Office

Enhanced Microsoft 365 security features

Upgraded Firewall Hardware

Upgraded Network Switches Hardware

Upgraded WiFi Hardware

Backup 4G Internet Connection

Automatic Email Signatures

Password Manager for Staff

Planned Projects Included

Continuous IT Improvement Plan

Consulting and Strategic Advice

Staff Security/Productivity Training

Our partners that help us deliver amazing services

A Reliable & Responsive Onsite IT Support Provider Across Melbourne

Based in Chadstone, we are recognized in Melbourne for providing state-of-the-art onsite IT support for servers, firewalls, routers, workstations, switches, cloud, hardware, and software, we are the one-stop-shop with best industry practices and standards to establish your IT processes, solutions, and systems.

Qamba has been assisting businesses to solve their most difficult IT onsite support challenges through efficient customer service and end-to-end IT support solutions. Our team of IT experts and consultants are known to deliver the best and fastest onsite support as per your requirements. We set rigorous standards for our IT engineers and technicians who are selected based on their technical skills and screened as per industry knowledge and certification requirements.

The onsite IT support offered to small and medium businesses includes support for On-Premise and Cloud Solutions, technical services, help desk, data backup and recovery, status and performance reporting, hardware, and software as a service and staff education and training.

Whether it’s about covering the days off, providing additional assistance for exclusive projects, or managing the data backups so they can focus on helping your staff with onsite issues and risks, we offer cost-effective support for your in-house IT department. We study client’s requirements, layout alternatives, educate them on the pros and cons of each, and help them choose the best, and most cost-effective solution for their needs.

More importantly, Qamba hires certified professionals who are committed to our philosophy “taking care of customers with relentless IT support”.

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