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Qamba IT now offers their business customers the option to complete their order today but pay in monthly instalments through Procuret.

Procuret is a fast, flexible and secure digital payment solution built for professional businesses to better manage their cash-flow. Procuret helps you purchase the products you need for your business and pay for them in manageable instalments.

It is cash-flow friendly and time-effective.

Select Procuret as your payment option

Complete a quick 2-minute setup online

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How Procuret Works for Business Clients

Pay for your invoices from $500-$60,000

Choose your instalment term from 4 to 36 months

Receive a speedy confirmation from Procuret

*Select to pay with Procuret

Complete online process in 2 minutes

Start your instalment plan

*Term and eligibility criteria apply

What is Procuret and how does it work?

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pay in instalments with Procuret

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