VoIP Phone Systems

A VOIP Phone system is a must have for those who need the flexibility to work anywhere with an internet connection. All the features you need can be switched on with the click of a button, and without a huge capital investment. The ability to use a software phone, or choose your vendor of choice for IP handsets of varying aesthetic and feature sets allows for a bespoke solution tailored to your exact needs.

When your business needs a VOIP phone system, you can work with a company that provides the connection, support, and devices that are needed for this service. Most companies do not realise that they can change their business telco provider at any time, and that is why it is important to consider the best options for everyone involved.

What Does A VOIP Phone System Include?

A VOIP phone for business should include the connection, devices, and support for the system. This is very important because the system should be designed, installed and managed by a professional. When that done correctly, it is much easier for the VOIP system to work effectively.

The system should also be flexible and feature rich for the business.

Some companies can use a standard VOIP Service that is is basic enough for a small company, and there are more feature rich services that can be used to provide better call outcomes for your customers. This is why the company that sets up the system should consider all the services that are needed.

PABX Systems

These systems are used by businesses to allow for call transfers and a simple switchboard. This is a very good system to use when you are a company that has many employees with their own extensions and complex call structures. At the same time, this system can be used when the company wants to host phone conferences or multi-party calls.

Installing these systems is easier when working with an experience professional. A business that has invested in a fast, business grade network connection should also have an auto attendant to direct calls and commercial grade desk phones with the right features.

A traditional switchboard can be too difficult to manage in the modern-day, but a digital switchboard is easy to review on a desktop or mobile screen.

What About VOIP Services For The Home?

VOIP phone for the home are very important, and they can be used to make calls from the house instead of using a traditional phone provider. With the rollout of NBN across Australia, the old copper phone lines are being removed to use VOIP based services.

These phone systems can be difficult to manage, and they may come with features like voicemail that are too hard to use.

Most people who would like to invest in a VOIP system at the house will want to install it with the modem and phone that is designed for use with that system. You can plug traditional phones into this system, or you can use special VOIP phones that were ordered just for the new VOIP plan.

Why Is VOIP Easier To Use?

When you are using VOIP, you will find that it is easier to use because it does not experience interruptions or any other the other problems that you will have when you are on the phone.

This is also a good system to use when you want to set up a home office because you can connect your office phone and even have multiple incoming phone numbers for different purposes.

You can also set it up for as many different lines as you need, and the phone is connected to the device, rather than a fixed cable in your home. This provides enhanced flexibility on where to locate your telephony devices.

You can also setup your VOIP system with different devices that meet your needs. From using a smart phone with a mobile app, setup a meeting room conference phone, or a standard desk phone – the options are far greater.

Is VOIP Cheaper?

VOIP is typically cheaper than other systems because it uses the basic Internet connection you already have.

When you have connected to the Internet, you can easily place your calls.

You pay a small monthly fee for the service, and you do not need to pay too much just to keep your phone number. At the same time, you can transfer your current number to the VOIP system.

In most cases, you will not lose the home phone number everyone is used to, or you can get a new number if you prefer.


When you are looking for VOIP provider services, you will find that it is much easier for you to manage. You can teach your team in the office to use this system, and it is simple enough to use the system in the house. This means that you can connect to the Internet to make calls, enjoy the amazing quality that comes with these calls, and afford the system at the same time.