Business Name Renewal Scam

This is spear phishing. A neighbor of ours in Huntingdale asked us for some advice on this email that they received. 

From what I understand of our neighbors business, there is only a handful of employees. 

One of the common objections to investing in IT security is “who would want to attack us, we’re so small. We have nothing valuable to a hacker”. Still think you are too small to be a target of cyber crime? 

In this instance, its more of a scam than a hack or malicious code. You can renew your business name on the ASIC website for $36 for one year, or $84 for three years. Someones making some good money!

If you’re not sure about if an email is malicious, or a scam, get in touch with us or upload the file below. We would be happy to have a look at the email obligation free. We believe in empowering every person to enjoy their digital experience, scam free.

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