Customer Reviews: Collaborating with Customers for Business Growth

Customer reviews have come a long way from simple word-of-mouth testimonials to published online comments that examine your product or service. These days, online reviews have become a reference point for buyers across the globe daily, making it an important factor that drives sales and loyalty for businesses.
How Customer Reviews Help Small Businesses
Improved Customer Service

Analysing reviews left by your customers, such as the one below, is a good way to measure how well your product or service is doing. This will give you an idea of what works so you can keep doing them, and what doesn’t so you can quickly and efficiently address what your customers really need. This shows customers that you genuinely care. Thus, creating a positive experience that leads to a loyal customer community, and making sure that your system and processes are up to standards. 

“I have had cause to call on them a couple of times and the team have taken the time to fix the issues, talk me through what has been done, share practical tips a- remaining professional and friendly throughout. Outstanding customer service.” 

Established Credibility

We are social creatures, and we are always interested in what other people have to say about certain topics, beliefs, and brands. Therefore, most customers would almost always go online first to look for reviews before they decide on purchasing anything. And most of the time, 90% of them get influence by what they read online. So, if you have an ample number of good reviews like the one below, you can be sure that customers are more likely to partner with you. 

“What a great professional company – we are very happy with their prompt and expert response to our needs – issues are resolved very quickly – I cannot commend them highly enough.” 

Increased Brand Awareness

Having existing reviews online encourage other customers to also post their thoughts on your product or service. This chain of reaction acts as a marketing campaign that helps boost your online presence and search result ranking especially when the review includes the keyword you’re aiming to rank for and the location you’re aiming to rank in. This means more potential customers will see your business, and they will most likely turn into paying clients. The reviews you get, just like the one below for example, also remain working for your business long before they have been posted online, providing constant and continuous marketing for your brand. 

“Highly recommend the <company> team, they go above & beyond for customer service, their very friendly and easy to deal with, most of all they know their stuff. We changed <service> companies about a year ago, best thing we did was moving to <company name>.” 

How to Get Genuine Customer Reviews
Create a Coherent Review Strategy

Technology is all about making things effortless, and that includes leaving reviews. Encourage your customers to leave you feedback by making sure it won’t take too much of their time. Identify which part of the client journey is the most effective time to ask for reviews. Make sure as well that the review section is easy for the customers to see. There are a lot of review management software you can use to automate this process. 

Choose Relevant Review Websites

Identify popular and relevant review websites where you want to build presence in. Being a part of these platforms make it a lot easier for existing customers to leave feedback. This also makes sure that your customers’ reviews, your brand, and your services, will be exposed to more potential customers who are looking for the services that you offer. Some of the most used platforms these days are Google Business, Yelp, Trust Pilot, and more. 

Optimise Social Media

There is no easier way to connect with your customers now than by using social media. Understand where your customers go to get information, and what sites they frequently use to connect with people. If your customers are on Facebook, then you must be on Facebook. If they often use LinkedIn or Instagram, then you must be there too. These sites even have native review features that you can take advantage of so your customers will find it easy to leave you a recommendation. They key really is to be where your target market is so you can be right there when they need you. 

Examples of Simple Customer Reviews

A review reflects the perspective of the customer. Some are short, and to the point. Others more detailed. Here are a few more examples of great reviews: 

  • Very prompt and professional team that are always happy to help. 
  • The <company name> team consistently provide me with excellent <service>. 
  • Fabulous support from the team at <company name>. Nothing is ever too much trouble. 
  • Great customer service. 
  • Always fast service, thanks! 

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