Data Protection: Knowing Your Rights

In today’s modern world, most of our daily activities revolve around the technology we have now. People browse and visit different digital platforms every day. And before we can access certain platforms, some ask for personal information before logging in. These circumstances have left many of us thinking where in the world wide web are personal information went.

Data security is about protecting digital information from unauthorized access. This is so we can protect digital users against cybercriminals. Another common problem happening across the digital world are data breaches, and IT managed support is one of the things that can secures users from such threats. There are various tools and technologies that we can use to employ security within our systems. The main objectives of these tools are protecting, masking data, and censoring sensitive files.

Here are some of the data protection rights that we must bear in mind:

  • Right to access personal data. People must be aware of their digital information, especially what, where, when, and why they are being collected.
  • Right to update your data. There are times when inaccuracies of personal data prevent people from accessing important digital services. It is not always about errors on the system, but the data itself becomes outdated.
  • Right to erase your data. This right puts a person in control of removing digital information that is no longer connected to them. It is also applicable when providers upgrade data where the individual does not consent.
  • Right to transport your data. We use our data in different transactions. Portability is the relationship between a data controller and a data subject. Transferring of data happens when another entity needs to process your information. This flexibility of data helps the individual easily change providers whenever needed.
  • Right to object against data usage. Every person has the right to object when a third party wants to use their data. The users need to choose to object to data sharing before transactions and not only when signing up when users are less likely to read terms and conditions.
  • Rights to automated processing. Technologies today use Artificial Intelligence for faster and smooth transactions. Customer services are frequently controlled by AI’s and their automated messages and explanations. Also, IT managed support helps digital users to overcome problems concerning their right to object to the decisions made by non-human processors like AI and machine learning mature.

IT managed support for every digital service can help the users deal with their transactions. IT managed support deals with the online systems that will help the business grow using different online platforms in the business world. Due to the pandemic, most businesses today rely on online transactions for easy access and convenience. However, we always need to be knowledgeable so we cannot be misled by cybercriminals and online hackers causing trouble for most users.

Technology keeps growing and developing every day. We need to guard ourselves against the possible troubles we might encounter online. One of the ways that we can do to prevent it is to know our rights. With that, we can protect our personal information and digital data. If you want to strengthen your data security, you can send us a message and Qamba IT will help you out.

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