IT security for the modern small business

The reputation of any organisation can be ruined very quickly, with the advent of the internet accelerating communication on all fronts. Every organisation is now more at risk than ever as we all begin to react to one of the fastest growing industries world wide – cyber-crime. Knowledge or IP loss is one of the scariest because control is lost once data has been released. We see the recognition of the severity of such a problem with the legislative responses such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) in Europe, and the amendments made in the Australian Privacy Act in 2018 to included Notifiable Data Breach scheme (NDB) laws. There is a consensus that, worldwide, the treatment of personal information is extremely poor.

Data and information are extremely powerful and more than ever, we are using data to drive decision making. Knowledge is power, after all. Knowledge in the wrong hands is extremely powerful for cyber criminals, allowing a higher possibility of exploitation for gain.

Technology is moving very quickly, those that lag in the evolution of how we use technology are most exposed. What worked three years ago is no longer good enough. Ransomware, phishing, and targeted attacks  are a business for some and they are extremely well versed in social engineering and convincing those less tech-inclined individuals to provide credentials and sensitive information.

The modern workplace demands a higher level of security than ever before. Security needs to be inherent in any solution that is implemented to prevent knowledge loss.

If you’re not asking about the security of a solution and drilling into this as much as the functionality of a solution, you are putting your business at risk and will suffer somehow, at some point. The trouble is, the cost of keeping the lights on is rising everywhere – cost of living, wages, petrol, and technology just to name a few. How do you continue to ensure your data is secure?

Small and medium organisations need to run lean to remain competitive, their operational costs need to be efficient and streamlined so they can spend as much of their budget on delivering the services that drive the business. We understand this; however, we also understand the cyber security risks currently prevalent to many small and medium businesses and how to prevent them- as the best solution is prevention. Sometimes, data cannot be salvaged after an attack.

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