Qamba provides IT Strategy in Melbourne, delivering innovative technology outcomes to businesses of all sizes. We deep dive into each customers requirements to understand the start and finish points that a piece of technology can impact. During this process, we learn the “why” and it often allows us to provide a different perspective on based on our experience, challenging the status quo.

IT Strategy

We are local to Melbourne and find that engagement in person where possible and efficient. We can also deliver training and seminars in our facility based in Huntingdale with seating for up to 50 people.

Technology Enablement

Continuous business transformation is essential for businesses wanting to grow, increase efficiency and remain at the forefront of innovation and change. Technology Enablement delivered by an IT Consultant will help your team utilise the technology to amplify the output in their day to day role.

This requires a partnership. A deep insight into the business, functional expertise and technology skills that understand the operational aspects of a business. With the speed that services are being delivered now from Cloud services like Microsoft 365, its difficult to keep pace and ensure that you’re getting the most value from your technology investment.

Information Management

Information Management is critical to providing secure and mobile access to data to help shape the developing workforce – the work from anywhere culture.

Transitioning from a traditional Information Management encompasses the planning, structuring, processing, controlling and reporting of how information flows throughout the organisation. Aligning these to the goals of the business (work from anywhere, offline access to data, secure sharing with external parties, etc.) requires careful planning that we develop with key stakeholders using our Proven Process.

Our Proven Process

It is typical of most organisations to have a Business Plan outline the high level goals of the business and how they will be achieved. Some will have a Marketing Plan on how to communicate their value proposition to potential customers. Bringing this together should be a high level Strategic IT Plan.

IT is no longer a separate division of businesses that fix things when they go wrong. IT Managers now have touch points across every aspect in the business to ensure the systems flow efficiently from one to the next, therefore a Strategic IT Plan is a critical requirement on HOW you are going to execute the Business and Marketing plans.

Change Management

Small change is handled by the IT Helpdesk – run rate items that may require approval, but not necessarily any planning for the execution (in line with ITIL principles). When it comes time for large and disruptive change management, the expertise of an IT Consultant is paramount to ensure minimal impact to your business operations.

Careful stakeholder management, clear definition of the goals and starting point, milestones and responsibilities throughout is key to managing complex technology change management.