IT Support for Real Estate

Investing in the most recent real estate technology developments may result in more clients and a more productive working environment for your company. We recognize that the real estate sector is dynamic and always changing. And to stay competitive, you must use technology to expand your exposure, productivity, and most importantly, increase data security. QAMBA’s competent IT solutions can help you cut expenses, increase operational efficiencies, gain a competitive edge, and expand your business.

The Benefits of Real Estate IT Support

Your real estate staff can join meetings from any location, at any time, using any device. Their office is wherever they put their feet down, allowing them to be more productive.


A comprehensive, multilayer security policy is the best approach to ensure that the organization’s data is safely stored. And to achieve that, it is important that you get IT solutions that fit your needs and standards.

Prevention of Data Loss

IT drastically lowers the chances of catastrophic data breaches from happening. It is also necessary to take data protection to the next level with data loss prevention and security solutions, including sophisticated encryption and data leakage products.

Low Prices

Choose a company that offers cost-effective and time-saving IT solutions to meet your technology requirements. Look for those who can effectively take care of your IT system so you can concentrate on expanding your company.


More and more organizations are requiring a stronger security to guard their IT infrastructures against external and internal risks in the real estate market as more and more cybercriminals frequently attack real estate companies. Hackers frequently try to access online accounts to illegally access transactions and steal money or information.

These recommendations may assist in keeping your team connected while ensuring your data is safe:

  • Providing IT security onboarding and offboarding
  • Wiping company data from the smartphones of departing employees
  • Enhancing phishing detection to block or alert users when emails impersonating trusted senders arrive
  • Monitoring insiders’ suspicious activities such as mass deletes, mass downloads, and unsafe transfers of critical information
  • Setting up multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and conditional access to protect internal systems against external attackers

Every company has its own needs and sets a different value on its IT partnership. With that in mind, we’ve created easy-to-understand solutions that will work with you as your business’s technology needs evolves. With us, you are assured that you can improve your real estate business’s infrastructure with industry-leading IT services. We take pride in supporting your systems and ensuring uptime, as well as offering assistance for third-party apps and liaising with vendors in the event of any concerns. Trust us to take the time to learn about your specific business needs and create a tailored solution that will boost your productivity and help you complete jobs faster. And at Qamba, our IT support for real estate can definitely help. Get in touch with us at 03 8521 7777 to learn more.

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