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How do I backup my personal devices?

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The Australian Cyber Security Center website has step by step guides on how to configure backups for a range of devices.

These backup guides can be found here.

We generally recommend iCloud for iPhones and iPads. While it is a paid service, it means you losing or damaging your phone doesn’t mean losing the data on it and makes moving or upgrading to a new iPhone or iPad much simpler.

For Windows PCs it depends on what needs to be backed up, if it’s only files and not much else OneDrive is the way to go. If you need to backup the installed software, backing up to a HDD with the built in backup tool may be a better option, although less convenient.

Keep in mind a backup is only a backup if you have 2 copies of your data. Storing important documents on a USB hard drive is not a good idea if it is the only copy of the data. You always want at least two copies. The original and the backup.

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