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I’ve been hacked, what do I do?

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1. Immediately contact your IT support

Let them know the situation, tell them what you’ve observed or why you suspect your account is compromised. Even if you’ only suspect you might have been compromised, it doesn’t hurt to notify IT support. If you know how you were compromised, share that information as it will speed up the process of re-securing your account. While this sometimes can feel embarrassing, good IT support will care about getting you secure and the more information they have the quicker and better they can do that. Depending on what was compromised advise will differ, so following their recommendations are best. If you can’t get hold of them follow the below steps to start securing your account.

2. Reset the password of the compromised account

If you can still login to the account do so and then change the password to a completely new password. Use our password generator if not feeling creative. DO NOT reused an old password. If you don’t have access you can try resetting your password using the “forgot my password” option provided by many services.

IMPORTANT: Once the password is reset, see if there is an option to “Sign out of all devices”. This will usually be in settings or security settings. This will force a logout of the attacker.

3. Change the password of other accounts

If you used the same password somewhere else, change those accounts immediately, prioritising the most important accounts first.
Make sure to use a completely new password.

4. Check account recovery methods

Hackers will often update your registered phone number or backup email address (if your account has that). If those are options (such as with a google account), you should check to see those still look correct. If your email has been compromised check for any mail forwarding rules that have been setup.

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