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Office 2013’s 365 support ends October 2020

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From October 2013, Office 2013 support to connect to Microsoft 365 systems will be deprecated.

This doesn’t mean that it will suddenly stop working but if you’re using Office 2013 – you may have some issues that your IT team cannot resolve. How do you know which version of Office you have?

  1. Open any Office 2013 application (such as Word or Excel)
  2. Choose File > Account
  3. Under “Product Information” or “About Word” it will tell you the version. Anything that is 15.0 is Office 2013.

The best way to avoid issues with connecting to Microsoft 365 services is to upgrade to a monthly subscription that includes Office. It is still possible to buy Office as a once off cost, but it too will have a limited life span:

Support for Office 2016 and Office 2019 connections to Office 365 cloud services will continue until October 2023.

If you currently connect to Microsoft 365 services for business, the best option is to have it added to your business subscription for a seamless technology experience. Generally it will cover 5 devices per user. Get in touch with your IT Professional.

However, if you have a personal device and multiple computers – a personal subscription is the best option. At the time of this articles creation, you can purchase single device licenses, and multi device (5) to cover your family computers.

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