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Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10

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The Short Answer

The short answer is, if you’re using Windows in a business, even a small business, you should be using Windows 10 Pro.
For Home or personal use, standard Windows 10 is fine.

The Long Answer

Windows 10 Pro comes with a few feature that make it notably better suited for work environments.

  • Support for Azure Active Directory & Active Directory
    If your work system support it, this means you only need a single account to logon to your pc, email and Microsoft apps. Without this you need to manage a separate computer username and password and you’ll be prompted to sign in more frequently. This feature can easily saves staff hours of time over the year and improves convenience and the security of the device.
  • Windows Update for Business
    Standard Windows (not ‘Pro’), limits your control of when you get updates, essentially updates are tested first on home users before being rolled out to business clients. Having Windows Pro means you can set Windows to only update once security updates are better tested and deemed ready for business by Microsoft.
  • Group Policy & Mobile Device Management
    This allows settings and security configurations to be managed centrally in a cost effective way. Without these features certain settings are not manageable, as they don’t expect home users to need this functionality.
  • BitLocker Device Encryption
    Optionally encrypt all of your local data, so if a company laptop gets stolen or goes missing you can sleep easy knowing they can never get access to the data on the device. Without this enabled anyone can remove a laptop’s hard drive and access files directly, even without a password.
  • Much More
    There are many other features and options that are only accessible on Windows 10 Pro, make it much more suited to a work environment.

By default most business grade laptops come with Windows 10 Pro by default. If you buy a computer with only Windows 10 on it, you can upgrade it after. While there is a cost associated we strongly believe this is worth it and provides cost savings, convenience and improved productivity over the lifespan of the device you are buying.

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