Why You Should Get Outcome Based IT Support

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we live our lives today. Advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) has made every task simpler, faster, and more efficient. With the growing number of connected devices, practically everything can be optimised now.

In our homes, the latest technology enables us to automate home control systems that save energy, manage climate control, and monitor security. This is a great leap from the devices and appliances we use for mere entertainment and leisure.

At work, information technology plays an essential role in business growth. It is the core of most business operations and has a major impact on its development. It also streamlines and automates processes for more efficient service.

However, modern technology also brings with it some challenges. It can sometimes be costly and complicated to own equipment. Some advanced systems can also be difficult to monitor, manage, and maintain. There are state-of-the-art home control systems that can leave owners perplexed. Complex digital solutions may require businesses to hire new personnel in the form of specialists who can handle them best.

To address these issues, most people are now relying on outcome-based services. With outcome-based IT support, transitioning to a highly digital world becomes easier.

What is Outcome-Based IT Support?

Outcome-Based projects are also known as Outsourced Projects or Managed Services. Instead of purchasing actual products or services, consumers pay for the results or the “outcome” they want. The provider retains ownership of the tools and resources needed and provides the necessary services to the consumer until the required outcome is achieved.

A simple illustration for this would be hiring someone to paint your house. In a traditional service system, you would have to pay this contractor a daily wage for his services. Often, you would also have to shoulder the expenses for the materials that are to be used. But on an outcome-based system, you pay the contractor for the finished project. Regardless of whether it takes him a week or a month to do so, you pay the fixed amount for the specified outcome. Now, place this similar scenario in an information technology context and you will have a better idea of how an outcome-based IT support system works.

An outcome-based IT support specifically deals with technical difficulties and deficiencies encountered in digital systems. It takes the responsibility for operating and maintaining devices as well as the infrastructure to ensure optimum performance at all times. This takes the burden of handling complicated systems away from the users. Moreover, it enables users to receive services that are tailored to their unique and dynamic needs.

Benefits of Getting Outcome-Based IT Support​

Whether it is for residential or business needs, getting a reliable outcome-based IT support has now become essential and beneficial.

Reduced costs

In managed services, consumers pay only for the outcome previously agreed upon with the provider. This saves us from having to purchase tools and equipment that may not even be necessary. It also keeps costs down as we pay a fixed amount regardless of the time and effort it takes the provider to fulfill the required results.

Access to resources​

Through outcome-based IT support, consumers gain access to specialized products without having to purchase them. Businesses can use the most updated infrastructure and the latest software that can help propel business growth.

Greater innovation

By outsourcing IT needs, consumers can take advantage of greater innovation from their providers who have the means and experience to develop them.

Augmented people resources

An outcome-based IT support can augment the existing IT department of any business. It provides additional manpower for those who are not capable of hiring the necessary specialists who can manage their technological needs.

Improved efficiency

Companies that provide outsourced services do their utmost to ensure better outcomes for their customers. Throughout a project’s life cycle, they strive to work with greater efficiency from start to finish. For consumers, this translates to improved efficiency in their digital solutions.

Better decision-making

Making decisions that involve specialized knowledge can be a challenge for those without sufficient experience in information technology. With IT support from experts in the field, individuals and businesses can receive well-informed advice that lead to better decisions.


Outcome-based services provide flexibility in both cost and in service. The cost of services varies depending on one’s actual usage or the outcome produced. It also affords flexibility in terms of the type of service provided. Often, the provider and the consumer adapt services to suit a specific situation.


With managed IT services, digital solutions can be easily scaled up or down depending on the dynamic needs of a business. This ease of scalability may not always be as convenient if a company were to use their own infrastructure.

What to Look for In an Outcome-Based Service

In choosing an outcome-based IT support, look for reputable companies that are backed with experts in the field of information technology and engineering. Choose those that have the clear capability to provide comprehensive digital solutions and are equipped with the infrastructure and tools to do so. Other factors you should consider include:


Partner with an IT support team that’s proven to be reachable and highly responsive. They must be able to maintain clear and open communication so that a company’s needs can be immediately addressed. Quick action is critical, especially with issues that involve security.


A reliable outcome-based service provider maintains transparency in all its projects. They do not make empty promises or exaggerate issues. They thoroughly evaluate problems, clearly lay out foundations and potential solutions, and state desired outcomes. They also ensure that clients are on board and are made aware of developments in every phase of the project.


Providers of managed services must maintain accountability. The outcomes they promise must be measurable against established baselines. Contract agreements should include provisions for instances when objectives are not met.


Proactive IT support can deliver consistent service on an ongoing basis. Even when they are outsourced, they constantly monitor and maintain devices and infrastructure even when no problems or issues arise. This provides for better service by increasing the potential to identify problems before they can arise, and therefore yield more positive outcomes.


Managed services must have goals that are aligned with the client’s goals. They should be able to help their clients achieve business success by ensuring that digital solutions are always geared towards business goals.

Reliable IT Support from Qamba

Among the companies that provide reliable outcome-based IT support is Qamba. It offers adaptable and scalable technological services for homes and businesses. With its outcome-driven services, your user experience and business needs are placed before everything else.

They can also provide cybersecurity solutions, audio visual solutions, and other digital services for businesses.

Among the outcomes they provide are:


Whether for home or business, Qamba can help automate systems and processes. One such outcome Qamba provides is automatic email branding, where email signatures become consistent throughout the business organization.

  • Automatic email branding
  • Automatic backup with cloud storage

Qamba ensures that sensitive data are kept safe using their next-generation AI-drive security software and other tools. They keep your network protected to prevent malicious users from gaining access and can also provide password management services. In addition, they can provide security awareness training programs for your staff as added protection to your system.

  • Password management
  • Security awareness training for staff
  • Advanced email filtering protection
  • AI-driven security software
  • Secure internet firewall
Network and Infrastructure

Faster network access through modern infrastructure. Qamba can also replace or augment your existing infrastructure with a more advanced one. Get access to Microsoft 365 Business environment to modernize your IT and take advantage of cloud-based storage and monitoring.

  • Microsoft 365 Business environment
  • Fast network access with modern equipment
  • Managed wireless solution
  • Cloud-based monitoring system
IT Support & Helpdesk Services

Get remote or onsite IT helpdesk Support whenever you need it. Qamba gives you unlimited phone support so your needs can be addressed promptly. They also conduct quarterly reviews to make sure that all IT strategies are on track as well as to plan new outcomes for the succeeding quarters. All projects and consulting to deliver the defined outcomes is inclusive in the fixed price, minimising once off ongoing costs.

  • Unlimited phone support
  • Remote and onsite IT support
  • Quarterly review process
  • Projects and consulting services

Make the Best of the Digital World

Technological innovations make life so much easier. While some of them can be daunting to use for those who are not too tech savvy, there are outcome-based IT support services that can provide guidance and assistance so that anyone can take full advantage of them. All we must do is find a reliable company that can provide the solutions we need. For cost-effective and comprehensive digital solutions, get in touch with us today.

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