Top 15 Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

About the Webinar

Unveiling the top 15 essential combinations that can revolutionize the way you interact with your computer. From seamless navigation to multitasking mastery, the shortcuts covered in this piece are designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency. Discover time-saving commands, learn to manage files and folders precisely, and take control of your system settings effortlessly.

Join us on a journey to unlock the full potential of your Windows experience to empower yourself to navigate, work, and create with newfound speed and ease.


  • Explore lesser-known features for enhanced navigation and efficiency.
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts and time-saving hacks to supercharge your Windows experience.
  • Personalize your Windows environment for optimal productivity.

Webinar Recording

Take Aways

  • WIN+D – show/hide desktop
  • WIN+E – Open file explorer
  • WIN+L – Lock computer
  • Double tap CTRL shows you where the mouse is
  • ALT+F4 – closes active window
  • WIN + Left/Right Arrow – Snapping windows
  • CTRL + C/V/X/Z – copy/paste/cut/undo
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ESC – Task Manager
  • CTRL + Mouse Wheel – zoom control
  • Bulk rename – select a bunch of files and use F2 to rename
  • CTRL + Shift + T – open recently closed tabs
  • CTRL + Shift + n – Incognito Windows Mode
  • WIN + Shift + S – Snipping Tool
  • Using Windows search to find apps
  • Windows + K – wireless display

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