Best video conferencing for Real Estate professionals

Real Estate transactions have always been done in person. With COVID19, pivoting to video has been necessary. Video conferencing has become a great way of meeting with new clients, discussing business with colleagues, or communicating with family. If you’re a real estate agent or property manager, effective communication is the key to success.

The best video conferencing solution allows you to remain connected with people online easy and simple for adhoc and scheduled meetings.

Technology has improved the reliability of video conferencing to make it more affordable and accessible which easily serves a modern workplace. Besides, during the pandemic, video conferencing enables many businesses to operate and enables employees to work at home.

Here are the best video conferencing tools convenient for people dealing with Real Estate Sales:

1. Microsoft Teams

Chances are that your agency is running on Microsoft 365 for your email. Teams is a fast maturing video conferencing solution to communicate with people. It stands as among the best software for real estate sales agents.

You can use this software to share documents and communicate with leads and clients via the platform. The integration with Microsoft 365 applications allows you share information and context with the sales admin team and property management team once the sale is finalised.

2. Zoom

Zoom is another great company offering video conferencing services. The company prides itself on providing clients with innovation, crystal clear video and audio features. It also has among the efficient customer services in the industry. Innovation typically comes at a cost, with Zoom known to have several security concerns.

However, it is a great platform you can use for your video meeting needs. It is also the market leader in running events, with the ability to have many attendees visible on the screen. Need to run a virtual property auction? Start a scheduled meeting, then use the Breakout Rooms feature to give a private space for callers to talk privately in.

3. Cisco WebEx

WebEx is one of the most trusted video conferencing solutions. WebEx has been approved by many Australian Government Departments such as the Department of Education and Training. It has a simple user interface, it is easy to create meetings, and you can create a custom address to access a conference room.

Meeting transcriptions, screen sharing of content and the ability to annotate on screen are features of the platform. However, the interface isn’t quite as polished as some of the more modern solutions.

4. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an outstanding video conferencing platform that was acquired by LogMeIn from Citrix in 2017. The platform provides you with excellent audio and video conferencing services as well as screen-sharing.

One great feature that this software provides you is mobile friendly. With this, you can set it and start the conference using a smartphone. You can set the app to maximize your image quality and call. There is also a one-tap invite you can use to join meetings and chats.

5. Google Meet

Chances are, if your mail is not with Microsoft 365 – it’s with Google Apps. Google Meet replaced the Google Hangouts platform (which is due to be shut down in December 2020). Google Meet is a powerful platform that provides professionals and brands including live interactions with customers and leads using Hangout.

Meet integrates with the Google Workspace platform seamlessly. It provides common video platform features such as real-time closed captioning, speech recognition, background blurring and the ability to call into meetings from selected countries.

Our Pick

Microsoft Teams is impossible to go past if you already use Microsoft 365. Less is more with different apps, and chances are it is already something available to you. 

If your organisation uses Google Apps, Meet is the natural choice.

Most of the solutions cater for 95% of video requirements (including guest attendees, device agnostic access, etc.). 

Check out our blog on 4 tips for your first video conference for some handy tips. If you want to setup a fully immersive video conferencing experience, check out our Meetings Workshop program.

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