Growing Your Business by Modernising the Workplace

Acknowledging the Disadvantages

Data Trust and Security Management

Data leak and privacy breach are two of the things that can easily ruin a client’s trust. And losing a client’s trust is a sure-fire way to lose their business too. But a lot of companies weren’t prepared for a global health catastrophe and didn’t have a strong enough security system already in place before businesses were forced to allow employees to work remotely.

Therefore, 54% of IT professionals think that remote workers pose a great security risk . And they have all the right to think so. After all, no one would be there to oversee how employees treat company and customer data when no one is looking. On top of your employees’ integrity getting tested, IT teams also worry about the ones who take advantage of weak security systems for a living.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most effective business tools to organise communications and access company resources. On top of that, Microsoft has tasked themselves to develop and provide impactful products that make collaborations smoother.

Teams has given businesses a platform where team members find themselves chatting in a more personal and relatable way instead of using a formal platform like email.

It allows team members to collaborate smoothly using voice and video calls and helps them work on projects together and keep track of progress efficiently no matter where they are working.

Teams Calling

Teams Calling has been a game changer, especially with how the current business landscape has transformed. Landline phones are becoming less and less relevant since employees have adopted a more flexible, collaborative and on-the-move lifestyle.

Since Teams has become available to us, we have been using it as our main driver of communication and business. What I really like about it is the simplicity and ease of use it offers. It provides us with all the necessary functions we need, unlike others that have an endless array of features that have no practical use.

Simplicity is underrated, and most companies have forgotten that less is always more when it comes to technology.

Meeting Spaces

Microsoft Teams Rooms provides users with tools that allow you to transform any space into a Microsoft Teams meeting space. It provides your team a conducive space for collaboration, ideation and even creation.


With work-from-anywhere becoming a huge part of the new normal, businesses have struggled to deploy company-approved devices. Microsoft Teams’ answer to this is the zero-touch deployment that lets employees start working without sending an IT team.

The Future of the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for more than a year now, and no one can tell when it will be over, or if it will be over. The global economy took a major blow when businesses of all sizes had to close and stop operations because of the pandemic. And for our businesses to survive this global set back, we can’t keep doing the things we only know and feel comfortable in. We need to get out of our comfort zone, learn, adapt, and modernise our workplaces so we can empower our modern workers and continuously grow our business.