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What is 5G?

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5G stands for the 5th Generation technology standard for Cellular networks. It is the planned replacement to 4G (Fourth Generation) and brings with it a range of improvements, with much faster communication speeds.

What’s the difference between 5G and Wi-Fi?

3G, 4G & 5G refer to cellular communication, which means internet and communication provided by connecting to cell phone towers and similar infrastructure, it is most often used by phones or mobile hotspot devices. This is different to Wi-Fi which is is only used for short range communication normally to a router or wireless access point in your home or office. Both provide a means of accessing the internet.

Can my Wi-Fi be 5G?

As these are two completely different communication standards, it’s not possible. You can be connected to both, but they are different technologies. You can have routers that provide Wi-Fi locally and connect to the internet via 5G, but technically it means your are connecting to Wi-Fi and your router is using 5G to connect itself to the internet.

You may have a Wi-Fi network name that says 5G on the end of it, this actually refers to the network using 5Ghz radio frequency (compared to the slower performing 2.4Ghz), this 5Ghz has nothing to do with the 5th Generation of cellular. It’s coincidentally sometimes called the same thing. That being said 5Ghz Wi-Fi is often better performing than 2.Ghz, despite not being related to 5G cellular technology.

Why is 5G better?

In the future, when more completely deployed, 5G has the potential to provide much faster networking capabilities, handle large amounts of mobile devices in a single area, with better reliability and resiliency and transfer speeds.

When and where will 5G be available?

2019 saw the initially roll-out of commercialisation of 5G in Australia in specific areas, with planned expansion for 2020 and beyond. As it is a network, it will be rolled out gradually to different areas, with more densely populated areas normally getting access first. Keep in mind your phone and your local nearby mobile tower both have to support 5G for you to get the speeds.

Is 5G safe?

According to Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy:
“There is no evidence telecommunication technologies, such as 5G, cause adverse health impacts. This position is supported by health authorities in Australia – such as the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) – and around the world, such as the World Health Organization (WHO).”
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