Navigating Collaboration in Microsoft 365: OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Channels and Folders

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Maintaining emerging new apps has become increasingly challenging as technology advances. For businesses seeking the right tools to streamline collaboration, the array of options – OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Channels, Folders – can be overwhelming. This webinar is created to clarify some of the most common apps and terms you encounter when looking for collaborative tools for your team.

Join now to make navigating these tools and collaborating easier for you and your team. 

Date: 18th April @ 12:30PM


  • Understanding the differences between OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Channels and Folders. 
  • Learning how each Microsoft platform facilitate storage, communication and collaboration. 

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Take Aways

OneDrive  Purpose 

OneDrive is a personal cloud storage space designed for individual users. It’s ideal for storing personal documents and files. 


Access Control 

Files in OneDrive are typically private by default, and sharing is done individually. Permissions are managed at the file level. 

More focused on individual user storage 
SharePoint  Purpose 

SharePoint is a collaborative platform that allows teams or organisations to create intranet sites for document storage, sharing, and collaboration. It’s more suitable for team-wide or organisation-wide content. 

Access Control 

SharePoint allows for more granular access control, where permissions can be set at the site, library, or individual file level. 

Designed for team or organisational collaboration 
Teams  Purpose 

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform integrating chat, video conferencing, and file sharing. It brings together various Microsoft 365 services into one interface. 

Access Control 

In Teams, Channels are spaces for different topics or projects within a Team. Each channel has its own Conversations tab and Files tab, allowing for focused discussions and file sharing. 

Part of the broader Microsoft Teams application, facilitating real-time communication alongside file collaboration. 
Channels  Purpose 

Channels in Teams provide a way to organise conversations and files within a Team. They are helpful for dividing content based on specific topics or projects. 

Access Control 

Team members can access the content within its channels, and permissions are managed at the Team level. 

Folders  Purpose 

Folders are used to organise files within a document library or file storage location. They help structure content hierarchically. 

Access Control 

Permissions for folders can be set independently within SharePoint or Teams, allowing specific access to certain content parts. 

Structural elements within file storage locations like OneDrive, SharePoint document libraries, or Teams Channels. 

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