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As a business owner, it’s important to find cost-effective solutions that can help you manage your business more efficiently. Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based platform that provides small businesses with a suite of productivity tools, including the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite, cloud-based storage and sharing through OneDrive, and advanced security features. These tools can help small businesses improve collaboration, access important files from any device, and ensure that sensitive business information is protected.

Microsoft 365 is an enterprise-grade capable platform that provides many tools and services for productivity, efficiency and security. However, it is also highly configurable. Qamba IT specialises in managing Microsoft 365 subscriptions and can provide your business with expertise and knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to acquire. Qamba helps you optimise your subscription by identifying and implementing the features that will most benefit your business. We can also help you with issues that may arise and provide training to your employees so they can fully utilise the tools available.

Qamba 365 Secure makes us responsible for managing and monitoring your subscription, freeing your staff to focus on other essential tasks and improving your business’s overall efficiency by allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than spending time on day-to-day maintenance.

The key to Qamba 365 is providing your business with higher Microsoft 365 Security and Data Protection. Qamba Security Policies (QSP) apply knowledge and expertise, configuring the available advanced security features and monitoring for potential threats, ensuring that your business data is protected.

Choosing the right Microsoft 365 subscription

Choosing the right Microsoft 365 subscription can depend on your business’s specific needs and requirements. Qamba can help you understand the right subscription for your business, but here are some key factors:

Number of users

One of the main factors to consider is the number of users needing access to the subscription. Microsoft 365 offers different plans for different numbers of users, so it’s essential to choose a plan that will meet your needs. If your business is under 300 users, the Microsoft 365 Business range is the best balance of features and cost.

Our most commonly used license is currently Microsoft 365 Business Standard, which is quickly changing to Microsoft 365 Business Premium to increase security.

Number of Users - Microsoft 365
Qamba 365 Feature Table

Feature Requirements

Different Microsoft 365 plans include different features and tools, such as email and calendaring, online storage and file sharing, and communication and collaboration tools. Ensure your plan consists of the features and tools your business requires.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic includes most of the essential infrastructure your business needs in the Microsoft 365 cloud without the Desktop versions of Office.


Consider the cost of each plan and how it fits into your budget. Finding a plan that provides the features and tools you need at an affordable price for your business is crucial. Each plan is priced per user, and every person should have an account.

Budget - Microsoft 365
Scale - Microsoft 365


Consider the cost of each plan and how it fits into your budget. Finding a plan that provides the features and tools you need at an affordable price for your business is crucial. Microsoft 365 Business scales up to 300 licenses per account, but you can mix-and-match license levels with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise services should you need to scale beyond 300 users.


Consider the security features of each plan, and make sure they meet your industry’s compliance and regulatory requirements. You can scale your Microsoft 365 licensing to align with your desired risk acceptance. Because Microsoft 365 is an enterprise-grade, worldwide platform; it caters to many security standards and requirements as standard.

Within the Microsoft 365 portal you can view your current Secure Score and a list of recommended actions to improve the security of your data, apps and identity.

Qamba 365 Secure Score

Who is responsible for your data?

Whilst Microsoft stores your data, they do not own or take responsibility for your data. A common misconception is that Microsoft will take care of everything for its customer.

Microsoft 365 Responsibilities

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